A young guest uses the OLED screens in the Lab
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The Lab demonstrates how science and technology play a role in maximizing an athlete’s performance in training and competition. This gallery highlights technological advancements in equipment, rehabilitation and recovery methods and showcases the importance of clean sport.

Learn the secrets behind what makes Team USA athletes so fast

The Lab Gallery at U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum

Do you ever wonder how athletes are able to go so fast? In the Lab, guests learn some of the secrets behind Team USA’s specialized technology, including the science behind swimsuit and speedskating fabrics, as well as why some athletes wear that strange tape all over their bodies.

See the science behind the shoes

The Lab Gallery - Interactive Screens

What goes into being an Olympic and Paralympic shoemaker? A lot! Elite athletes are often among the first to benefit from advances in technology and design. As part of this exhibit, the Lab explains just how far Nike went to develop track spikes for sprinters.

Discover how science is used for athlete training and recovery