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As Jack Mathias qualified for and then participated at Montreal 1976, Marcia Mathias' life also revolved around the sailing calendar.

A quick conversation: Marcia and Jack Mathias


It wasn’t a stretch to say there was time when Jack and Marcia Mathias’ lives revolved completely around sailing.

“We planned our wedding date around sailing so it wouldn’t interfere,” Jack said.

Listen: “My favorite Olympic memory was walking in the Opening Ceremony. That is spectacular. Your heart is coming out of your chest.”

At least that was the plan. “Then we won the 1975 national championships and I found out that would take us to Mexico City for the whole month of October 1975 — and we were getting married November 1,” he added.

Marcia, though, was not upset. She was well aware how important the competition was to Jack and that she held a role on the team as Jack qualified for the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games.

“My parents — who were pretty conservative – Mom and Dad said, ‘Who is this guy? What is he doing? Why is he sailing so much?’ ” Marcia said. “You really knew what you want to do with the racing and the sailing.”


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