Medal Ceremony at the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum
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Woven together from past Games, the final gallery captures the most poignant, emotive and inspiring moments on the podium for Team USA athletes. The three-minute video is motion-triggered by guests’ movement.

The Games are more than medals

See Trischa Zorn's Paralympic medals at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are more than medals. They are about global unity, they are about national pride, and they are about a shared love and appreciation for sport. The Games are a chance for athletes from every part of the world to come together and participate alongside one another in front of an audience of billions. They are a tradition thousands of years old that have had an unimaginable impact on the history of human culture as we know it.

See legendary athletes receiving their historic gold medals

Angela Madsen proudly displays her medal