Hall of Fame Class: 1989

The "Forgotten" Miracle On Ice team won a gold medal at the Squaw Valley 1960 Olympic Winter Games.
Television executive Roone Arledge created Wide World of Sports and Monday Night Football and produced 10 Olympic television broadcasts.
Unable to get a job as a New York City policeman, Mel Sheppard focused on training for The Olympics and won four gold medals and one silver as a middle-distance runner.
Joe Frazier traveled to the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games as an alternate and took advantage when an injury gave him a spot in the heavyweight tournament, winning a gold medal.
A founding member of the Olympic Project for Human Rights, Lee Evans (center) won gold medals in the 400-meter run and the 4x400-meter relay at the Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games.
One of the most dominant athletes of his generation, John Davis compiled a 15-year winning streak that included gold medals at the London 1948 Olympic Games and the Helsinki 1952 Olympic Games.
Bobby Joe Morrow won gold medals in the 100- and 200-meter dashes and the 4×100-meter relay at the Melbourne 1956 Olympic Games.