Hall of Fame Class: 1988

Broadcaster Jim McKay was well known for his coverage of the Olympics, including the Munich 1972 Olympic Games where -- on his only scheduled off day during the competition -- he broadcast for 16 consecutive hours without a break after the tragic killing of 11 Israeli athletes, coaches and trainers.
Mal Whitfield won gold in the 800-meter run and the 4x-400-meter relay at the London 1948 Olympic Games, becoming the first American active-duty service member to win an Olympic gold medal.
Charles Daniels is generally credited with modernizing the forward crawl to the freestyle stroke; he won four Olympic gold medals at the St Louis 1904 Olympic Games and London 1908 Olympic Games.
Tenley Albright contracted polio at age 11 and doctors wondered whether she would walk again. Six years later, she won an Olympic silver medal in figure skating and would win gold four years after that.
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