LeRoy Neiman Gallery
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There are more than 12,000 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes, more than 100 years of Olympic and Paralympic history, and endless stories to be told. This gallery will change content regularly and provides the Museum exciting opportunities to tell these many stories.

Currently, this gallery features artwork from LeRoy Neiman, the official Olympic painter for five Games, and a display for Paralympic swimmer, Trischa Zorn, the most decorated athlete in Olympic or Paralympic history.

LeRoy Neiman, official painter of five Olympic Games

LeRoy Neiman - Official painter of five Olympic Games

Art has always played an important role in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In fact, from 1912 to 1948, artistic events including architecture, literature, and painting inspired by sport were part of the Games themselves!

Although these activities have since been phased out and replaced, artists have continued to document and depict the excitement, the action, and the history exhibited on the world stage. 

LeRoy Neiman is one of the most well-known of these athlete-inspired artists. Named the official painter of five Olympic Games, Neiman’s empowering pencil and paints captured Olympians at peak performance.

His work honors some of the greatest athletes to ever compete through the 1970s and 1980s, and his distinctive colorful styles and strokes became known as “Neimanism.”

You can see some of Neiman’s greatest pieces on display in the LeRoy Neiman exhibit at the United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum. 

The Neimanizer

LeRoy Neiman Gallery - Neimanizer

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum offers some of the most exciting new interactive technology to ensure your journey is as genuine and impactful as that of an Olympic or Paralympic athlete.

One piece of tech that we’re particularly proud of is our one-of-a-kind immersive photo booth known as the Neimanizer. The Neimanizer takes your photo and transforms you into a piece of fine art so you can see yourself through the brushstrokes of legendary Olympic painter LeRoy Neiman.

The process is straightforward: using your personal RFID badge, you can step in front of a large screen and select a sport. After choosing among a number of different sports, you will be prompted to strike a pose: if you choose baseball, you may take a batter’s stance, and if you choose golf, you may tee up for a drive. Then, one…two…three…

Click! You are now painted into history just like Bruce Baumgartner and Mark Spitz. Your photo will be sent directly to your digital locker for safekeeping and for later download. 

Must-see artifacts in the Rotating gallery

LeRoy Neiman's Easel

LeRoy Neiman Gallery - Easel

Neiman often painted on the training and competition grounds, getting as close to the action as possible. He would rotate between his easel and a sketchbook frequently which allowed him to observe the athletes and the Games from a multitude of angles and perspectives. 

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum painting

Neiman Opening Ceremonies 1984

This colorful masterpiece provides not only a vibrant look at one of the most iconic Olympic venues of the 1984 Games, but offers a prime example of Neiman’s dynamic, vibrant painting style as well.

Vancouver Skier painting

LeRoy Neiman Gallery - Vancouver Skier

The painting’s vibrant colors bring the athlete to life, and the multinational uniform creates a dual sense of competition and unity, a perfect representation of the true meaning behind the Olympic Games.




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