Athlete Training - archery
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Having learned about the origins of the Olympic and Paralympic movements, guests embark on the journeys that Team USA athletes take to get to the Games.

Athlete Training - 30-meter dash

Learn about the training required to achieve the standards of Olympians and Paralympians at six interactive sport demonstrations. Some activities will even include a performance analysis by a featured athlete dropped into your digital locker.

Athlete Training - alpine skiing

“Speed” includes a running simulator.

“Aim” demonstrates a virtual archery bow and target.

“Balance” shows a first-person view at the start of the Skeleton track.

“Strategy” pauses a Sled Hockey game for you to determine what the player should do next.

“Mental Visualization” requires memorizing a sequence of maneuvers to get to the bottom of a ski hill.

“Reaction” uses motion tracking to test your reflexes in Goalball, a sport played by visually impaired athletes.

Athlete Training Gallery at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum

These sports were selected because they have an Olympic and Paralympic equivalent and highlight the wide range of skills needed to be the best in a particular sport (speed, accuracy, mental focus, reaction time and focus).