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Known for her advocacy for gender equality on and off the court, Billie Jean King is a true pioneer in women’s sports. She was inducted into the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Hall of Fame in 2022.
Tim Nugent was known as the "Father of Accessibility" for his contributions to bringing equal rights for the disabled.
LeRoy Walker was the first Black American to coach a U.S. Olympic Team, guiding the men’s track and field team to six gold medals in the Montreal 1976 Olympics.
A former collegiate water polo player, Peter Ueberroth went into business after college and eventually served as president of the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee for the incredibly successful Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games.
A U.S. senator for more than 40 years, Ted Stevens wrote the Amateur Sports Act, which established the U.S. Olympic Committee and established National Governing Bodies for each Olympic sport.
A successful businessman and philanthropist, William Simon was active in the U.S. Olympic Committee for three decades. He served as U.S. Olympic Committee President from 1981 to 1984, then served as first chairman of the U.S. Olympic Foundation.
Col. F. Don Miller is regarded as one of the key figures in the development of the U.S. Olympic Committee, serving 16 years as executive director.
Broadcaster Jim McKay was well known for his coverage of the Olympics, including the Munich 1972 Olympic Games where -- on his only scheduled off day during the competition -- he broadcast for 16 consecutive hours without a break after the tragic killing of 11 Israeli athletes, coaches and trainers.
A former member of the UCLA men's soccer team, movie producer and director Frank Marshall was a vice president of the U.S. Olympic Committee and served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He was presented the Olympic Shield in 2005 for his contributions to the Olympic and Paralympic movements.
Four-time Olympian Jack Kelly Jr. was selected president of the U.S. Olympic Committee in 1985, but died of a heart attack while jogging just three weeks later.
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