Olympiad: 1988 Calgary Winter Games

After failing to win a medal in his first three Olympics, speed skater Dan Jansen set a world record and won gold in his final Olympic race, the 1,000 meters in the Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Winter Games.
Losing a leg to cancer at age 12 did not stop Diana Golden winning the gold medal in a demonstration event at the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games and two more at the Innsbruck 1988 Paralympic Winter Games.
Figure skater Brian Boitano put on the performance of his life at the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games, defeating rival Brian Orser of Canada to win the gold medal.
Speedskater Bonnie Blair was well known for her throng of family and friends and she gave them plenty to cheer about, winning five gold medals and one bronze over four Olympic Winter Games.
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