Becoming Your Personal Best (BYPB) is a comprehensive curriculum project produced by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum in partnership with the Colorado Health Foundation. The mission of BYPB is to provide both formal and informal educators (coaches, youth leaders, church leaders, family members, etc.), with FREE tools to build and strengthen resilience in the lives of the young people they serve. Through the lens of the inspirational life experiences of Olympians and Paralympians, youth in grades 4-12 are provided with essential lessons on Self-Identity, Mindset, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Relationships and Confidence. The entire 32 modules and 80 lessons are organized by grade level and are separated into elementary, middle and high school curriculum bands. BYPB was designed with equity and accessibility in mind and the curriculum can easily be adapted to best fit the needs of educators and students of all backgrounds and abilities.

BYPB also includes a videos series curated specifically for families! Hosted by 4x Olympian Hunter Kemper, the series features nationally recognized resiliency experts along with other U.S. Olympians and Paralympians who share practical information, skill building tools and helpful activities with viewers. The series uses life lessons from these athletes to help young people learn about setting goals, meeting personal challenges, learning to grow through failure and developing a positive mindset.


Understanding and appreciating your self-identity – your values, strengths, interests, passions, and identity markers – gives you a sense of self-worth and keeps you centered to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

Approaching life with a positive mindset increases your ability to navigate obstacles and thrive.

Thinking critically about possibilities, motivations, and consequences in order to make conscious choices helps you to prevent, recognize, and solve problems.

Appreciating the process of pursuing goals and working through challenges, and using failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, supports you to persist when you encounter adversity.

Practicing respect for yourself and for others contributes to nurturing positive relationships and living effectively in an interdependent world.

Having self-efficacy, along with being aware of your needs and emotions, helps you to act with confidence.


  • Internet access.
  • A device to view the videos (tablet, smartphone, desktop, laptop, etc.).
  • An educator/youth leader to lead each module.
  • A printer (if a printer is not available, the Museum team will be happy to send a packet of materials by request).

Yes. A formal classroom setting is not needed. These lessons are designed to be facilitated face-to-face and/or virtually by educators, family members, group leaders, or mentors.

  • Content that focuses on ONE of the following resiliency skills: Self-Identity, Mindset, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Relationships, & Confidence
  • Introductory video featuring a U.S. Olympic or Paralympic athlete.
  • Three individual lessons. Each lesson plan includes background material, lesson objectives, a materials list, reflection questions, and activities that connect to the introductory athlete companion video.

We’ve designed the modules for maximum flexibility. There are accelerated lessons that take 15-20 minutes, and each full lesson takes 45-60 minutes. These modules are easily adaptable to your unique learning environment!

There are no audience requirements. You have the option of facilitating one-on-one, or with a small group of students/children.

Modules can be facilitated by educators, mentors, group leaders, parents or family members.

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum’s education team is here to help at any time.

McQella Adams: [email protected]


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Hunter Kemper, Triathlon
John Register, Track & Field
Jim Craig, Hockey
Tricia Downing, Shooting
Michelle Dusserre Farrell, Gymnastics
Clarissa Chun, Wrestling
Dartanyon Crockett, Judo


For more information on the The Becoming Your Personal Best: Life Lessons from Olympians and Paralympians (BYPB) curriculum, please contact [email protected].


BYPB programming has been tailored to various ages. To view a specific curriculum, please click the corresponding grade level below.

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